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NeuralAnalyst Platform will be developing an AI-powered workforce management platform for remote working companies and professionals who are working remotely with teams or departments to assist them in gathering and evaluating information about employee engagement while also facilitating project management at work. Using the company’s platform to manage remote workers might result in more adaptable, dynamic teams that aren’t dependent on a certain physical place to function. By leveraging AI qualifications such as machine learning, emotion recognition, human-computer interaction, and decision-making, the platform will optimize workforce efficiency and enhances the employee experience simultaneously at scale.

Our Mission

To be a leading provider of best-in-class workforce management solutions for people enablement to ensure consistent operational efficiency.

Our Vision

To provide an AI-enabled workforce management platform to remotely working businesses and professionals for improved employee engagement and business process optimization.

Problems To Solve

Measure & Analyze Employee Engagement

Most companies still evaluate employee engagement on an annual basis, using traditional methods. Connecting feedback to action would be difficult in case of frequent surveys. Two-thirds of Canadians consider leaving their job due to declining job satisfaction and overall well-being. Less than half of Canadian workers are currently satisfied with their jobs

Workforce Productivity

Information overload is a significant problem. Constant bombardment of documents, meeting alerts, and emails. 36% of managers claim information overload is the cause of their ill health. Affects employees’ capacity to make quick decisions. Slows down production and wastes time & energy on useless information & interaction

Project Management

Companies are spending millions of dollars annually on ineffective conventional ways. This leads to a struggle in addressing/managing key project management challenges. Hampers growth. ~25% of businesses are using a dedicated project management system. 54% of organizations find themselves stuck when it comes to tracking KPIs in real-time.
Our Solution
The standard approach for gauging employee engagement is conducting an annual survey to learn more about the organization. While this number can indicate a certain level of interest, it is neither sufficient nor accurate. The Company, with its AI-powered workforce management platform, will help organizations in measuring and analyzing the employees’ engagement data and helps managers to detect the disengaged workforce before their turnover. Continuous surveys allow the managers to highlight the problematic areas along with access to in-depth analyses of surveys & engagement data and comparison of score variations over time. The platform will also help conduct one-on-one meetings with the employees to determine their issues that can help managers to come up with effective employee engagement solutions.

With NeuralAnalyst Platform:

1) Helps organizations in measuring and analyzing the employees’ engagement data.

2) Provides a full picture of the team’s needs for managers, leading to higher engagement.

3) Managers will be able to integrate workforce management and project management.

4) We ensure that humans remain engaged in their jobs with enhanced productivity.

Our Product

The Company will develop an AI-based workforce engagement and management application platform to promote a positive culture that makes the workplace more enjoyable and leads to organic recruitment and greater profitability. The AI-based platform will facilitate project management in the workplace and ensure that humans remain engaged in their jobs with enhanced productivity. The platform will also help the companies with task automation, lowers the workload by allocating resources, scheduling, forecasting, etc., and managing complex projects by suggesting additional steps to managers. The platform will be highly profitable, especially for the service sectors, such as HR recruitment & healthcare.


AI-based Workforce Management Platform

Measuring Employees’ Engagement Data



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Meet The Team

Kuo-Sheng Chen

Chief Executive Officer

He is an accomplished Senior Software Development Consultant with over 20 years of experience. He had worked as Consultant, E-commerce B2C Team Lead, Consultant/Architect/System Analyst, Project Manager, IT Department Head and Senior Consultant/Deputy Manager. As Chief Executive Officer of NeuralAnalyst, Mr. Chen will utilize his prior experience to satisfy both short and long-term company objectives and capitalize on any new business opportunities. His extensive leadership skills ensure the success of the company in the Canadian market.

Xiangzhou Duan

Chief Operations Officer

He is an intelligent business owner with over 5 years of experience. He had worked as Assistant, Accounting and Analysis Staff, Director of Operations, Legal Representative and General Manager. As Chief Operations Officer of NeuralAnalyst, Mr. Duan had played various leadership roles to drive consistency, excellence, and continuous improvement throughout his career. Therefore, his extensive managerial experience and helpful connections make him an excellent fit for the COO of NeuralAnalyst.

Su-Ru Chen

Chief Analytics Officer

She is an intelligent professional with 8+ years of experience in senior management and leadership positions. She had worked as Lead Engineer and Department Manager. As Chief Analytics Officer of NeuralAnalyst, Mrs. Chen will be responsible for developing, governing data and information strategy, to drive business decisions and growth, which will support and provide leadership ensuring company’s success in Canada.

Dudu Chen

Chief Marketing Officer

She is an experienced and versatile editor, marketer, manager, and network administrator with 25 years of professional experience. She had worked as Editor, Senior Value-Added Business Marketing Executive, Supervisor of Process Optimization and Supervisor of Network Resources and Resource Scheduling. As Chief Marketing Officer of NeuralAnalyst, Mrs. Chen exhibits extensive knowledge and will be someone who can align her expertise and academic qualifications with best practices which will ensure the success of the company in the Canadian market.

Shih-Syong Dai

Chief Technology Officer

He is a thoughtful driven Secure Flash Application Engineer with 10 years of experience. He had worked as Software Engineer. As Chief Technology Officer of NeuralAnalyst, Mr. Dai’s exceptional ability to network and use technology to enhance company objectives will ensure the company’s success in Canada.

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